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TnM is a company specialized in water treatment. We operate from Monaco to Beziers, in the south of France, and especially in the Alpes-Maritimes and the Var, with the aim of offering you the best water out of the tap by softening and filtering tap water.
Have you ever thought about treating your water ? Several factors will do that you need to call on us: If your skin and hair dry out, if your laundry becomes more and more rough, if you notice white marks on your sink or shower wall, if your appliances Households are more and more damaged... Look no further, you are indeed the victim of the famous limescale. Limescale causes many visible as well as invisible inconveniences, such as damage to your pipes and household appliances.
For a free analysis of your water and to measure its quality, or to request a free quote, call one of our technical advisers.
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Transform your water on the French Riviera with a TnM softener

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The inconvenience caused by limescale

You should know that in the south of France, we are in an area very affected by limestone, here, the water is said to be hard or loaded with limestone. As we explain above, limestone causes many inconveniences, both visible and invisible. First, let's talk about the aspects you face on daily:
- Your laundry is rough and lacks softness
- Your skin is more and more dry, your hair too
- You notice white marks on your shower screen or your sink
- Your dishes have lost their shine
- You must change your household appliances before the indicated service life, etc.
 tnm: Enjoy softened water

Now, let's talk about these annoyances which are not immediately noticeable, but which sooner or later will come to call on your wallet. First, we have the expenses directly related to limescale, which you make during your daily shopping: Fabric softener, anti-lime household product, regenerating salt, descaler for coffee makers, etc...

Over the years, limescale has come to settle in your pipes and the heating body of the hot water systems in your house ... This will gradually lead to pressure losses until the pipes are completely changed.
Regarding household appliances, they suffer directly from lime which leads to overconsumption and therefore a worn-out device more quickly. The best example remains that of the kettles, because the heat will cause a chemical reaction which solidifies the limestone. The consequences of this limescale on the device will be: the development of bacteria, overconsumption of energy, reduced performance, an alteration in taste but also in appearance and finally a reduction in shelf life...

For individuals

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Purified water at home

Well-being is essential to a balanced life for you and your family. Thanks to its water treatment solutions, dedicated to individuals, in homes or apartments, TnM helps to offer you undesirable water every day for enhanced health.

For professionals

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Quality water at work

At work and at home, it is essential to operate in a healthy environment. Whether you are a restaurateur, hotelier, service company or craftsman, offer the best water to your employees and customers. TnM offers water treatment solutions specific to the needs of professionals.

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Contact TnM, the water treatment company on the French Riviera

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The advantages of installing a TnM water softener

The advantages of installing a TnM water softener at home is not only protecting your home, it is also providing a better quality of life for you and your loved ones. Softened water has many advantages that we show you right there.

Comfort on your skin

Limescale is one of the main causes of dry skin, but also redness or eczema, removing it will give to your skin a second life. In the closet moisturizers because you will not need them anymore, except for the pleasure of hydrating with a cream or a scented body milk. The same goes for hair, limescale suffocates the hair fiber which leads to rough and dull hair. Using softened water, the hair will no longer be damaged by limescale.

Healthy household appliances and pipes

By removing limescale at the entrance of your home, your pipes will be protected and no longer fear being weakened. Regarding your household appliances, they will work as on the first day and will no longer be worn down by lime. This will avoid over-consumption of energy but also a repetitive purchase of household appliances or a change of hot water system (cumulus, water heaters, etc.)

A soft cloth

You will no longer need fabric softener to have the softest of linens, by saying goodbye to limescale, you will enjoy fluffy towels that will not damage your skin. There will be no more abrasive effect on your laundry due to lime, only a soft laundry longer thanks to your TnM softener.

Bright dishes

With softened water, you can eat in bright, spotless dishes that don't tarnish prematurely. In addition, you save certain products specific to the dishwasher such as regenerating salt or rinse aid.

Savings every month

As you may have read above, installing a TnM water softener saves you the purchase of many products. You can forget all that is anti- limescale products or the products associated with hard water. In addition, thanks to softened water you will reduce your consumption of soaps, shampoos and household products. Indeed, if you did not know it, limescale attenuates the washing effect of all detergents.

Softener and ultrafiltration by TnM

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Choosing to treat your water is good, choosing to treat your water with TnM is better. Beyond offering you a softener solution, we try to adapt our solutions for each client. Each of you is unique and presents different problems, whether related to needs or technical characteristics, our technical advisers offer you a suitable solution.

Beyond providing you with fresh water at home, we want the best in water for you. This is why, in addition to offering the installation of a softener, we also offer you unparalleled drinking water. Indeed, thanks to our under-sink ultrafiltration system and its Microban technology, we can guarantee you a water without undesirable, while retaining the minerals the body needs. This under-sink ultrafiltration generally accompanies a softener and is offered with a 3-way design tap.

 The benefits of a water softener

Maintenance of your water softener

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Be aware that just like a car, the softener requires regular maintenance, at least annually. Without maintenance, we cannot guarantee the life of the softener, it will hardly pass the 5-year mark.

Wondering how to maintain a water softener ? Trust us, TnM takes care of everything from A to Z, from the diagnosis about the quality of your water to the maintenance of your softener. We offer to our customers maintenance contracts so that you no longer have to worry about your softener.

Do you already have a softener, another than TnM? We take care of it! Just fill out a contact form, or call us directly on

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Water softener on the French Riviera : enjoy soft and pure water

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